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In the casino, we go to exchange money for chips. And play these chips in some game. After we play the game and win (or lose), these chips are again exchanged for money. The difference between those chips that we bought at the very beginning, and those chips that we exchanged for money in the end, is our winnings. Or loss - depending on this difference. Meanwhile, chips can be played in any games that are played in our casino. Absolutely in any. You can play card poker. You can play machine guns. You can play roulette. You can play a million card games. You can play what you want - most importantly, that you have chips. These chips are an analog of the money that is in your wallet. But at the same time, these chips - your real, which you can sink or multiply right now, playing them in this or that game. When you buy chips - you buy your right to play. You pay in cash and here you take the right amount of chips. Among them there are very small - one cent each. There is a bigger one - say, one dollar each. And there are large ones - ten dollars or even a hundred. In our casinos (in those that once were, of course) the chips cost differently. The smallest chips were one ruble each. Then they went for ten rubles and a hundred rubles were for a thousand rubles, but they were a rarity. They simply did not buy. Basically, they took those that cost the ruble. However, those chips are long gone. That is, they somewhere is - somewhere on Lake Baikal or somewhere else. But not with us - not in Moscow or in the Moscow region. In the law on game zones there is a mention of some specially designated territories. But where they are, these territories, no one knows. And whether there is any - it is not clear. Okay. We bought the chips - we go play. And having played and played enough, we are going to change the chips that were won to the cashier. Here we must take all taxes. And pay the money you won. For example, today I won one hundred dollars. With this money a tax is taken to win. It is usually very small. Some cents. Of a million, of course, more. But also not very much. The question is, how much will it be, say ... ten million dollars? Ten thousand? Or one hundred thousand dollars? Yes, probably about that. But this money should not be regretted. They contain the entire infrastructure of gaming houses - including fire safety and security. Both are important when you win big money. You do not want to have any problems? They will not arise - thanks to these taxes. Having paid everything that was owed to you, you get money and leave the casino ... But what if you really have a lot of money? And if you need an escort - to get to the hotel or to the bank? In this case, you will be allocated a special armed man. He takes you where you want. And everything will remain between you - including how much you have won money. In the sense of chips. 0 For me it's useful 0 I did not find anything useful

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